Why the Seven Wonders of Ipswich? Two things. Here's both.

Thing 1 -- Jasper Fforde

It's all Jasper's ffault.

Looking through the list of events for Ip-art 2006, the town's annual cultural ffestival, I noticed a familiar name: that ffella whose name is on various books in the house, Jasper Fforde, is coming to Ipswich.

Being a ffan, I booked my tickets, pronto, and popped along to his websites (he's prolific on the web). Not for the ffirst time, my eye was caught by the link to his Seven Wonders of Swindon. Thought bubble: maybe I could do something similar for Ipswich?

So I had a think, made lots of notes on 5x3 index cards, and did nothing more about it.

Though I did go to see the very entertaining Mr Fforde at the Corn Exchange.

Thing 2 -- New Wonders

June 2007 and I see that they'll be announcing the New Seven Wonders, 07.07.07 -- in a month's time.

Really must get dig out those Ipswich notes and knuckle down. See, I work best with a deadline, and that date's a corker.

And here we are.